"I have come to know Dr. Stone as a practiced and well-known private lesson instructor. She, herself, strives to grow her abilities every day and consistently reaches newer and higher goals, both as a musician and a teacher. This attitude shows a true commitment to excellence, both for herself and for her students. 
    Personally, my daughter and I met Dr. Stone when my daughter was a 7 th grade student first starting on the bassoon. I can vouch for the fact that I watched my daughter grow both musically and personally under Dr. Stones tutelage, although I was not privy to the actual lessons, her weekly improvements were notable even to an unpracticed ear. Dr. Stone's passion for what she does is undeniable, and it was her faith in my daughter's ability that has led my daughter to where she is today. She was there for guidance in the purchase of my daughter's first bassoon all the way to guidance in selecting a college. Dr. Stone offered her advice and help at all hours, and was always extremely kind and knowledgeable. My daughter is in college now on a full ride music scholarship much due to Dr. Stone. Thank you for giving Nicole an amazing foundation on which to grow her musical career. Dr. Stone will always have free tickets to the New York phil, well in a few years anyway."
- Jackie Neeley, former student parent


"Maya Stone taught my daughter in her junior year of high school. It was a wonderful experience. She was supportive, yet challenged her to improve. What we valued most was her clear enthusiasm and dedication to what she does. She looked for opportunities for my daughter to become involved and grow as a musician. I highly recommend her as a bassoon teacher."

- Laura Brenner, former student parent